We have all the equipment required to do a great job . We have been in the photography
business for over 30 years . We use the Nikon D, E-volt 500 and E-volt 520, HP touchscreen PC,
HP and Gateway laptops for office or on-site use, several Hp printers, lighting, backdrops, PhotoshopCS6, and much more . 

We can coordinate individual and group shots, photograph still life’s, photo restoration,
design business cards and brochures, on-site shoots for your business catalog and more.


We are proud of our commitment to satisfaction and our goal is to always do great work. Our
turn-round time is quick without compromising your pictures.  We hope to hear from you soon!



·   Digital photography

·   Advanced techniques of image manipulation & digital camera

·   Film recorders, scanners & printers

·   Photo imaging software, including photo restoration

·   Darkroom

·   Medium & large format

·   Portraiture

·   Still life

·   Weddings

·   Nature

·   Landscape

·    Arial


·   Owner/Operator- Rock Photo

·   Independent Photographer

·   Design business cards, brochures & flyers

·   Commercial and Event shoots